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Career Services - Ihre Servicestelle

Career Services - the service office that supports and promotes students on their way into a career and where university and faculty offers are bundled.


The goal of Career Services, which is part of Student Services, is to offer students of the University of Lucerne events and activities at the university-wide level on the topics of career entry, application training, and career planning. This is intended to train students and prospective graduates in their non-degree-specific competencies (generic skills) with regard to application procedures as well as career and development prospects and to optimally prepare them for the transition into professional life. On the other hand, the Career Services also bundle the specific faculty and other offers in the area of career entry and professional life. Career Services thus contributes to the value of studying at the University of Lucerne - in the long term and beyond the studies.


Das mit wenigen Ausnahmen kostenlose Angebot der Career Services richtet sich in erster Linie an Bachelor- und Master-Studierende der Universität Luzern, aber freilich sind auch Doktorierende und PostDocs herzlich willkommen. Wir freuen uns darauf, Sie in Sachen Berufseinstieg und Karrierekompetenzen zu unterstützen.


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